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Pagosa Lakes Recreation Center is a private use facility. Access to the facility requires status of ownership in good standing, rental of property(s),  or guests staying at the household of an owner in the PLPOA area. Call for more information.

Meet The Trainers/Instructors


I have experience with a wide range of clients of all ages with diverse abilities. I am able to relate on an individual basis and in group settings. I provide personalized fitness training based on a client’s abilities and individual goals. I motivate my clients and give them the tools and mind set to safely reach their goals. I provide a fun environment thru encouragement and motivation. 

I have 25 years experience in strength and conditioning training. I am a retired Drill Instructor in charge of physical fitness program for thousands of recruits, Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Certified Schwinn Spin Instructor, Kettlebell, TRX and group fitness instructor. 



 Certified  with AAAI/ISMA-​​

* Group Fitness Instructor
* Advanced Personal Trainer
* Mat pilates Instructor
* Certified Wellness Coach
* Nutritional Coaching

Debbee Tucker
Debbee moved to Pagosa Springs in 1982 from California. In 1984 she started her very first Aerobics program in downtown Pagosa. The popularity
quickly grew, and soon after, she opened "Total Fitness Concepts", a full facility in the old Adobe building. She became certified in fitness in the early 80's and has continued for many years,mostly here in Pagosa Springs. She did venture off for a period of time and taught fitness programs in Durango, as well as Mammoth lakes, Calif., soon returning back to her favorite town.

Her expertise is a wealth of knowledge from 30 years experience of working with every type of injury,  weight and nutritional issues, and athletic performance for those that need the push and guidance. She has worked with every age and size- young and old. She is currently working at the PLPOA  Rec Center, as a  Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness coach. Debbee has a genuine connection to the outdoors- She is also a ski instructor of 15 years at Wolf Creek. Her passion for skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking the Divide is what keeps her motivated to train people to utilize  Pagosa Country, with  stamina and strength to safely enjoy our "magic place".

She has worked with all ages-young and old, truly enjoying every workout and every class member and client she has ever instructed. She has many success stories from her 30 years.

F.I.T. (Fun Inspirational Training)
Lynda Henderson
Fit is not a destination, it's a way of life. 
Health and fitness has always been my passion. My background in gymnastics and team sports opened my eyes to the importance of proper technique, rest, nutrition and exercise at a young age. I started working with my husband, when I decided to make fitness my career, he taught me how different the male and female body react to the same exercises. I soon learned through my schooling and experience how to piece together and build the right fitness lifestyle for individuals.  Keeping these elements in balance is key to healthy fitness. Something about helping people accomplish their goals in a healthy way, then seeing their face light up, continues to drive me forward everyday.  I specialize in nutrition accompanied with exercise customized for each persons' specific needs. (Techniques ) Combinations of weight and strength training, core work, cardiovascular and flexibility coupled with muscle confusion and interval training make all the difference for gaining your personal success. Whether you are over 60 and looking to increase or maintain strength and longevity or in your 30's seeking to get back to your younger lighter self, nutrition and exercise are equally important to reaching your Better Body.



Personal Training Session - $35 one hour
Custom Program- $45


 Roz is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has been teaching yoga since 2004.  She teaches a style of yoga known as Slow Flow or Vinyasa.  Roz offers a well-rounded, energetic yet comfortable Yoga Flow class that is designed to lengthen and strengthen the body and mind.  After gently awakening and warming the body, we progress to follow the flow of the breath through classical and creatively adapted pose sequences.  The use of a yogic breathing technique known as Ujjaii Breathing is strongly emphasized.  Students are encouraged to move at their own pace and to use support tools such as blocks and straps where needed.

Class Schedule:                    Class Fee:
Monday    @   9:45am        10 Class Card         $6/class   

Friday     @    9:45am       Drop-In                    $7/class

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Theresa Snyder
Theresa has been a certified Personal Trainer since 2002, working first in Texas, then relocating to Pagosa in 2006.   She specializes in body balance & strength, pre & post-surgery strengthening and range of motion, athletic performance, body fat/weight loss and nutrition counseling.   The techniques she employs depend on the individual, and change as her client progresses.  Her classes include Spin, Pilates/Yoga/Core and Total Body Fitness.  An avid outdoorswoman, she understands that you want to enjoy life, be confident in your athletic pursuits and/or just be able to get up and down off the floor when playing with your grandkids!  Call me; I would be happy to discuss your particular needs.

Sample Client Experiences:
  • Body Balance/Strength/Prevention for clients aged 30 to 85 with multiple health issues
  • Pre & post-op strengthening for the following surgeries:  neck, shoulder, back, foot/ankle, knee repair, knee replacement, hip replacement, wrist injury
  • Athletic Performance – coached & trained individuals doing 3 mile to 100+ mile events
  • Body composition/weight loss through nutrition changes and exercise

To discuss your particular needs or get references, contact her at 970-903-0290 or email at [email protected]

Certifications through AFPA, FiTour, Cooper Institute and Curves:

  • Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Cycle Instructor
  • Primary and Advanced Pilates
  • Primary and Advanced Yoga
  • Group Exercise, CORE & Functional Fitness, Nutrition, Senior Fitness
  • Curves MSROM (Muscle Strength & Range of Motion), Curves Yoga
  • USAT (USA Triathlon Association Member)
B.S. Computer Science, University of Vermont